The West of England Carbon Challenge focuses on carbon emissions, the most significant of the greenhouse gases. By signing up, members agree to measure energy usage at the sites they identify in the region, which they then submit. They can use a tailor made environmental reporting tool EnergyDeck to measure and track their carbon emissions.energydecknewMembers must submit data at least once a year. We actively encourage organisations to gather and monitor their energy data more regularly – ideally on a monthly basis. This will help members understand their current performance, monitor their progress accurately and rectify easily any irregularities in the figures.

As a minimum, members must collect and submit energy data for their sites. For the data to be credible we need at least two thirds – or 67% – of each site’s data to be accurate (not estimated).



This will include:

  • Electricitymonitoringmeter readings or consumption data submitted in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Gas - meter readings or consumption data submitted in kWh
  • Fuel oil, LPG, coal - in tonnes, kilograms, kWh or litres
  • Verified emissions – covered by IPPC Directive or by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme


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